Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ten Best Things I Ate in 2009

10. Onion rings at Big Chicks. OMG, Big Chicks sure has big o-rings. Juicy, crunchy, finger lickin' good ones at that.

9. Penang noodles at Joy's. Pan fried chow-fun noodles covered in Thai (coconut based) curry. Every fork is 500 calories. Every bite, an orgasm.

8. Seared pork belly with a pomegranate reduction at Riva's. I know it is at Navy Pier, and that many foodies gives this restaurant the proverbial finger, but Riva's has a special place in my heart. Eat the pork belly, and it will occupy your aorta too. Hormel has nothing on this; alas, it was wasted on worst date #10.

7. Three cup chicken at Lao Sze Cheun. With the fall of Shui Wah, there is only Lao Sze Cheun. And you have to order this! Sure the caramelized sauce (equal parts sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine) will send you into diabetic shock, but eat more. In fact order it to-go for the hospital staff.

6. Helene's blue berry crisp. Helene + Blue Berry + Brown Sugar = nuff' said

5. Curry beef stew at Tasty Choice. Sure it is my parent's restaurant, but it really is the best curry I ever had. In 10 days, I am freezing the stuff back to Chicago.

4. A pasta recipe I learned in my kitchen. Put sardines, olive oil, and basil in a pan. Cook together. Add angel hair pasta. Mix in parmesan reggiano. Top with toasted bread crumbs.

3. Cherry pie at Erwin. I would listen to Warrant for this.

2. A ragu that I made in February. The recipe called for 3 lbs of veal shanks, 12 oz, of spicy sausage, three 240z cans of tomatoes, carrots, onions, red wine .... I had it for two weeks and I try not to eat meat ever since. Totally worth it.

1. Happy hour with friends. Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's with Vlad, Dustin, Joshua, and ambiguously gay doctor. Dinner with my brother (you should get tickets). Dim sum with Asian drama.


  1. "Penang noodles at Joy's....every bite, an organism." What? Is the food contaminated? But seriously, where is this place?

  2. It is at Broadway and Melrose. Joy's Noodle