Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something I Would Like to Share

My name is Keli and I am the manager of Frank's. I was very sorry to hear about your recent experience at the bar. Please believe that we demand better attitudes from all of our staff. I am sure you can understand why I would not want to question each waitress about the incident, since the description you wrote on her appearance is quite unflattering. That being said I would like the opportunity to reprimand my server. If you could remember the date of your visit I would really appreciate it.

Again I am sorry that you did not have a more positive experience since we do work very hard to please our guests!
Keli Amato"

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  1. To think what would have happened if you would have come with Candice and I to John Barleycorn's...(free drinks for a year?)...their whole staff needs an attitude adjustment.