Thursday, March 25, 2010

Throwdown at Work

I have joined a diet challenge at work. I think the prize is a mani(pedi)cure. The person to lose the most percentage of weight, wins. Now I know this test is over and underinclusive, but I need to lose weight anyway - I have some advantages going into this contest, namely I am competing against three very skinny co-workers; hence, I can lose a lot more.  So when I am done with the postings about 30 bars, this is going to be a posting about my diet and what I consume.  Be warned.  I may sound very angry.

I joined Calorie Count, and since I weigh 165, I needed to think of a reasonable weight within two months that will seal my victory.  I decided that 150 lbs is most ideal: 1. I will be crazy sexy, 2. It will be a 10% loss.  In order to hit 150, I most consume 1,524 calories a day (assuming no exercise).  But since I workout this will cause a distortion in my optimal caloric intake.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


  1. I expected something about Bobby Flay...mildly disappointed

  2. This Web site lets you input your activities and calorie intake and computes for you how you are doing to achieve your weight goal. Play around with it. Avoid sodium, as it causes you to retain water and water is heavy.

  3. Ive never liked the idea of a "weight loss" challenge because of two things:

    1. you end up either starving/dehydrating yourself which then causes your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to decrease. Therefore, you expend fewer calories than you typically do.

    2. after you hit your weight loss and you let go, you body becomes more adept at water/caloric retention. Signaling occurs telling you body to be more efficient at caloric absorption and you're cells (that have been depleted of water) become better sponges than before.

    If you truly want to loss weight in a healthy manner, do so by building lean muscle mass. Muscle requires for energy to survive than fat cells and the conversion thus creates a higher BMR.

  4. wow, so many typos/homonym errors that I want to stab myself in the thyroid.

    I blame it on the Franziskaner hefeweisse