Monday, December 28, 2009

30 Years, 30 Days, 30 Bars

I just came back from a brunch that my Young Adults Church group recently implemented. I initially presumed that these brunches would be very interesting because I could learn more about my fellows who may have constrained themselves within hallowed halls adorned with stained glass, and scented candles. Well with the exception of a few, my fellows do live quite Christian lifestyles even when they depart from the pews. They are well-mannerd, patient, good-natured, and generous - everything that I am not. Well today we went to Goose Island, and I was staring at a menu with 10 different permutations of a burger, when out of the blue, I started to have the following conversation with a fellow:

"So I have been recently blogging on Facebook."

"Like in the Julia Child movie."

"Yea, I like to think I am more creative than the Amy Adams character, but essentially yes. I guess it would be easier if I had a husband to play the foil."

"What are they about."

"Well the last one was about Cap-and-Trade and friendships."

"I think that might be entertaining, but don't get me wrong, wouldn't that be unaccessible."

"OMG, what the fuck are you talking about. It is my life ...."

"Well don't get me wrong, quite brilliant, Cap and Trade really. But the thing is, Cap and Trade really?"

"So what should I do?"

"I think you should write about sports."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Ok, maybe not about sports, but what about food."


"I think it would be amusing to read some of your thoughts about restaurants. Or what about this, my friend is turning 30 and she is visiting 30 bars before her birthday."

"That is quite fascinating, I going to bogart that idea."

"Yea, and don't take offense, so you don't have a bf, you don't have to write about it in every blog."

"How do you know if I?"

"I presume you do, because you brought up the idea of a husband being a foil."

"Hmmm... so what are the rules?"

"It could be any bar, cereal bar, sushi bar, cupcake bar, bar with alcoholics."

"Nail bar?"

"Oh my gosh, that is exactly what my friend is doing."

So Dear Reader, I am turning 30 on March 7th, my quest is to write about 30 "bars." The rules, it cannot be a restaurant that just serves alcohol, it has to be a "bar" of some sort. If it is a restaurant like TGIF, I have to be sitting at the bar. If it is an unorthodox bar, such as a coffee bar, "Bar" must be in the name in the establishment; for example, I can't count "Super Cuts," but I can count "Nail Bar."

I will be grading on the following:
1. Affordability in relation to the area, and good provided.
2. Service
3. Atmosphere
4. Hotness of clientele (not including the attractive people I normally hangout with)

If you have any ideas, or wish to join me in my travels. Give me a call or send me an email.

I have till March 7th to visit 30.

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