Monday, December 28, 2009

Just a Guy with Two Cats

"Find a way to engage in the Sabbath."
"I am sorry?" as I replied in a drunken stupor.
"You need to take time, rest, you know, Sabbath, Sunday, contemplation."
My weak response, "I go to Target on Sunday."

Much to the shock and dismay of my few friends, I have recently joined a Church with much fervor. Dear Reader, all is well, do not seem so shocked. My politics are still left-of-center; my character, as prickly as ever. But yes, I joined a church, in particular, Lakeview Presbyterian. Now I must stipulate, my choice in being a Presbyterian is not the product of some apotheosis. It is nothing so grand as some cosmic calling that slipped through my window seal at night. I just like the Church for the following reasons:

1. They really help the community of Lakeview, and often provide service to the underserved.
2. I find the members to be friendly.
3. The environment is laidback - I can bring coffee into the sanctuary.
4. I like the old ladies.
5. The Pastor and Associate Pastor do not engage in tortious readings of the Bible (but I disagree with their reading of Mark).

These are all good reasons - not the best I suppose. But Dear Reader, I almost became an Episcopalian because I liked the pomp and circumstance. In comparison, my reasons in joining Lakeview seems monumental and well thought out.

So what does a new acolyte do in Church? I don't know, I refuse to be an usher. I have little patience in teaching the elderly the importance of Living Wills and Power of Attorneys (Oh yes, this Church does that). I just decided to join everything else with a bunch of gusto. As long as it does not involve me telling people where to sit or that they will die, I am in!

For example, one of the things I volunteered for is working in a pseudo soup-kitchen, which is a misnomer, because we do not serve soup. We serve crackers and peanut butter. To add confusion, we only allow people betwixt the tender years of 18-26 to enjoy my services. Before anyone attempts to seek out some nefarious intent on my part, I would like to state that the policy is to provide a safe space for many of the "Lakeview Youth".

Another thing I have joined, is Bible Study. As my boss said "Get the fuck out." Yes, I joined Bible Study. doing so seems antithetical to my character. I hate groups, and I hate listening to people spout out nonsense. Dear Reader, as you may know, I love talking politics, business and religion, but I hate talking to idiots. In a study group, I have no power to screen. Nothing irks me more than hearing some cretin's view of Revelations- borne by his love of all things Apocalyptic. But it is about faith right, so I joined with much trepidation.

Well cutting to the quick, the past few months have been about the Sabbath. For my group, I need to do something to relax. It was actually rather embarrassing that in the past couple of sessions I could not explain how I relax. Video games, a common respite for many of my age, just tick me off by the second hour (can somebody please explain where all the Riddler trophies are?).
Shopping - well that has caused much of my misery of late.
Sports - please.
Drinking - I lack important enzymes.
Drugs - we are in a recession.
So I thought, what can I do? Well I remembered back in undergrad, I really enjoyed keeping an Economics journal. Oh yes, I was that kid. So why not, keep a blog, engage in the Sabbath. Maybe I will learn something about myself. Maybe I will learn it is ok to be an usher.

Tomorrow's Topic: 98 Too Much?

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